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2013 Mountain West predictions: Boise State, San Diego State pegged for title game

The college football editors around SB Nation made their voice heard by predicting the Mountain West plus all 10 conferences. The Mountain West title teams are a bit of a shocker.


The SB Nation college football blogs were tasked with predicting the order of finish for every single conference for the 2013 season. There were 43 sites that participated, which is about half, so there is a very good range across the country.

Out of all of the picks there were only two schools that were named as a unanimous choice to win their division. Those two were Boise State and Ohio State, yet Louisville and Alabama who would have been a good choice to garner every vote but did not.

Boise State was the clear choice to win the Mountain Division, and the top three are pretty clear with Utah State and Air Force. On the West side, it was very, very close between San Diego State and Fresno State. San Diego State earned an average final position of 2.05 while Fresno State is just .05 behind them. It is a minor shock to see San Diego State ahead of Fresno State, but if the other college bloggers looked at the schedule the edge goes to the Aztecs since they host the Bulldogs.

Here are the full predictions:

Mountain: Predicted order of finish Average standing prediction 2012 conference record
1 Boise State 1 7-1
2 Utah State 2.5 6-0 (WAC)
3 Air Force 2.95 5-3
4 Colorado State 4.55 3-5
5 Wyoming 4.6 3-5
6 New Mexico 5.4 1-7
West: Predicted order of finish Average standing prediction 2012 conference record
1 San Diego State 2.05 7-1
2 Fresno State 2.1 7-1
3 San Jose State 3.05 5-1 (WAC)
4 Nevada 3.26 4-4
5 Hawaii 5 1-7
6 UNLV 5.55 2-6

Mountain West Championship, Dec. 7: San Diego State at Boise State
Last meeting San Diego State 21, Boise State 19 (2012)
Series record Tied, 1-1
2013 F/+ ranking Boise State 12, San Diego State 60
Mountain West championships One each (shared in 2012 with Fresno State)

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