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2013 Mountain West player rankings: An introduction to the top-50 countdown

In conjunction with 50 days until kickoff, we will be counting down the top 50 Mountain West players heading into the 2013 season.


Back on Memorial Day a quick post was written to make an extremely early top-10 Mountain West football player rankings list. The first line in the article had this logical sentence, "Pre-season power rankings are pointless...this I know."

Even with that disclaimer there was a lot of backlash about this very early list which by the way was set up in just a few hours, yet a certain fan base from a certain website felt this was the worst list ever put together. Not to beat around the bush but it was a certain group of lovely Boise State fans over at Bronco Country who ripped anything and everything about myself, other writers and this little piece of web real estate.

"Pre-season power rankings are pointless...this I know."

So, what do we do, well we are bring back a bigger and hopefully better list counting down the 50 best Mountain West players heading into the 2013 season. This list is being compiled by six of the writers on the site, and there will be full transparency so you can praise, make fun of or ask WHAT WERE YOU THINKING PLACING PLAYER X AT THIS SPOT.

Here are the staff writers who created their own list:

So, this should be a lot of fun (I hope). This top-50 list will serve as everyone's countdown to the Aug. 29 kickoff of the 2013 college football season. There was no set criteria put into place, so each person chose their best 50 players in the Mountain West heading into the 2013 season.

This series will start with the honorable mention of players who missed the cut of the top-50 on July 9, and then on July 10 the countdown begins.

Might as well start discussing amongst everyone in the comments about who should in your top five or 10 player list.