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2014 NCAA team ratings: How does the Mountain West stack up

NCAA 2014 is due out in about a month, but the team ratings have been released.

May to early August is possibly the toughest time to be a college football fan. The halfway point of the offseason is here, and while the magazines are coming out, the actual news cycle is pretty slow. Today, thanks to Tradition Sports Online who go the info from the huge E3 Conference, we have the team ratings for EA Sports NCAA 2014.

Now is the time to over analyze what teams will be good, or not, and look at the Mountain West. Seeing Boise State on the top is a good start, yet the rest seems off. San Diego State over Fresno State for the second spot is also fine, but after that the rankings go off the handle.

Excuse me, but Hawaii is the fourth best team along with San Jose State, no thanks. Hawaii could possibly be the worst Mountain West team this year. Air Force should be ahead of Colorado State, Hawaii and likely Wyoming. Also, I can guarantee that New Mexico will not be the worst team in the Mountain West.

Seems like the folks over at EA threw darts in regards to some of their rankings. Take a look and get ready to laugh.

Boise State 86 90 82
San Diego State 84 84 83
Fresno State 81 84 78
Hawaii 77 77 78
San Jose State 77 81 76
Nevada 75 77 73
Utah State 75 77 75
Wyoming 75 77 75
Colorado State 72 73 73
UNLV 72 75 70
Air Force 70 68 71
New Mexico 65 67 66