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2013 college football TV schedule: Mountain West lands six more games

The Pac-12 released a portion of their television schedule, and it included a number of Mountain West team found out game times and television channels.


More television dates have been announced for the upcoming Mountain West football teams, and it comes from those schools who are facing a Pac-12 opponent. The Pac-12 made the announcement for games on Wednesday for their Pac-12 Networks, plus games on the various ESPN channels and Fox Sports' iterations.

There are six games who earned another television appearance with two games on the new FOX Sports 1 and the other four are on the Pac-12 Network. For those unaware about Fox Sports 1, here is a primer, however it should be on most cable and satellite carriers as it is taking over SPEED on an expected launch date of Aug. 17.

The Pac-12 Network is still not on DirecTV or AT&T U-verse but it is on Dish Network and on most of the cable companies, but one needs to make sure they have the right tier chosen.

Below are the Pac-12 games and times that were announced early on Wednesday:

Date Game Time (ET) Network
Thu., Aug. 29 Utah State at Utah 8:00 p.m. FOX Sports 1
Sat., Aug. 31 Boise State at Washington 10:00 p.m. FOX Sports 1
Sat., Aug. 31 Nevada at UCLA 10:00 p.m. Pac-12 Network
Sat., Sept. 7 Hawaii at Oregon State 8:00 p.m. Pac-12 Network
Sat., Sept. 7 San Jose State at Stanford 11:00 p.m. Pac-12 Network
Sat., Sept. 14 Fresno State at Colorado 2:00 p.m. Pac-12 Network

Of these games it is mildy surprising that ESPN would rather take Northwestern at Cal over Boise State at Washington, but that decision could have been who got to pick which game for Week 1.

Also, it is disappointing to see Nevada at UCLA to be regulated on the Pac-12 Network, because that game will feature two of the best quarterbacks out West, plus a lot of points should be scored.

Based off of last years game, as well as the performance by both teams, San Jose State at Stanford is getting little respect by being on the Pac-12 Network. That week the biggest home game out of the Pac-12 is Washington State visiting USC, and that game is on Fox Sports 1.

The only premiere late game is Notre Dame at MIchigan and that is more than likely going to be on ABC. However, there are still some games that have not been scheduled for a time or station that could be considered better than San Jose State at Stanford. Those include South Florida at Michigan State, South Carolina at Georgia, San Diego State at Ohio State, West Virginia at Oklahoma and Cincinnati at Illinois.

ESPN's schedule is not even filled outside of two games, and the games mentioned above only West Virginia at Oklahoma is the vastly superior matchup. San Diego State at Ohio State will more than likely get the noon Eastern spot either on ABC or ESPN, so their effect on a West Coast time is unlikely. The choice to place San Jose State at Stanford on the Pac-12 Network likely came down to its pecking order that week.