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2014 Mountain West Tournament: Halftime Score - New Mexico 27, San Diego State 22

There has been no disappointment in this championship game...

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

LAS VEGAS - There has been no disappointment in this championship game.

San Diego State and New Mexico have gone back and forth with strong defense and clutch shots to trade leads, but the Lobos currently lead 27-22.  Kendall Williams has started this game strong and moves up to fifth on the all-time scoring list for the Lobos.

Williams has 10 points (five on free throws) so far in this game, and really is the reason why the Lobos are winning.  Cameron Bairstow and Alex Kirk have a combined 10 points and eight rebounds, starting slower than usual.

Xavier Thames is continuing to show why he's the league MVP, scoring nine points for the Aztecs to slow the Lobo momentum.  Skylar Spencer has also showed up for the Aztecs, already accumulating six points and eight rebounds, and two monster dunks.

The referees have been good for the most part, allowing physical play but not letting things get out of control.

We can assume from previous experiences this year, New Mexico may currently have the lead, but most likely, this game will come down to the very last possession.

As always, keep reading Mountain West Connection for the latest updates of the Mountain West Tournament and also when the NCAA Tournament begins.