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2014 Mountain West title game, San Diego State vs. New Mexico: Officiating could be a factor

Officiating could have an impact in the Mountain West title game.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Officials should be seen and be too much involved in a game, however this could be something to watch in the Mountain West title game between San Diego State and New Mexico. In Friday night's game between Boise State and New Mexico had some interesting fouls being called.

This is not about calling out officials for their poor calls, but rather how the game will be called. New Mexico is a physical team with big men Alex Kirk and Cameron Bairstow, and in Friday's game the officials were calling fouls probably a bit too quickly against Kirk and Bairstow.

Both bigs for the Lobos play very physical and use their off hand to gain position in the post to gain an advantage, but with the new rule this year in college basketball where hand guarding is a now a foul.

It will all come down to if the officials will allow this game to be more physical in the post, and the tone for this game should be set early on. If the game is called tightly and the officials are not allowing New Mexico, or any post player, to be physical hurts New Mexico more than San Diego State. On the other hand, if Bairstow and Kirk are allowed to push around in the post and be physical that could give New Mexico an edge in this game.

With this game expected to be very close any little difference in officiating, or any other factor could play into who wins this game.