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2014 Mountain West Tournament: Halftime Score - New Mexico 35, Boise State 29

LAS VEGAS - To say New Mexico should be dominating this game is the understatement of the century.

Boise State started this game 1-11 in field goals and the Lobos took a huge early lead 12-2.  However, the Broncos did not quit as they fought back to cut the Lobo lead to one point before New Mexico went on another 7-2 run to make the score 35-29 going into halftime.  Statistically, the Lobos are dominating nearly every aspect of this game, but somehow, the Broncos are hanging in there.

The Broncos have no answer for Bairstow right now, as he has 10 points and five rebounds.  With him, Deshawn Delaney and Hugh Greenwood are causing as much chaos to the Bronco defense, scoring eight and seven points, respectively.

For the Broncos, Derrick Marks has 10 points of his own, followed by Jeff Elorriaga who has six points from behind the arc.  Drmic is completely ineffective right now: if it is an injury that is bothering him, then someone else needs to step up.

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