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Mountain West Tournament 2014 schedule: Quarterfinals preview

Updated round-by-round projections for the Mountain West tournament.


The first round of the 2014 Mountain West tournament is in the books, and with that we have the latest updated odds the rest of the tournament from There were no upsets in the three opening round games on Wednesday afternoon, but the odds have changed for those remaining.

Boise State played an amazing game in routing San Jose State, and despite being the No. 6 seed they are given the fourth best odds of winning the tournament at just over 12 percent. More importantly, the Broncos are an overwhelming favorite to top the third-seed Nevada Wolf Pack and given 73.58 percent chance to win.

Nevada is also given the lowest chances to win the entire tournament at 1.20 percent, and being the three seed that is a bit shocking as there are still eight teams left in tournament.

At the top of the bracket it is still San Diego State, New Mexico and UNLV are given  huge odds to win the whole thing as all three are given over 23 percent chance to win the game.

Seed Team Quarter Semi Champ Win
1 San Diego State -- 77.51% 46.74% 29.37%
2 New Mexico -- 78.47% 52.98% 26.75%
4 UNLV -- 79.24% 40.86% 23.97%
6 Boise State -- 73.58% 32.48% 12.61%
8 Utah State -- 22.49% 7.45% 2.65%
7 Fresno State -- 21.53% 8.35% 1.97%
5 Wyoming -- 20.76% 4.95% 1.47%
3 Nevada -- 26.42% 6.18% 1.20%

Here is the schedule for Thursday's games (All times eastern)

San Diego State vs. Utah State, 3 p.m., CBS Sports Network
UNLV vs. Wyoming, 5:30 p.m., CBS Sports Network
New Mexico vs. Fresno State, 9 p.m., CBS Sports Network
Nevada vs. Boise State, 9 p.m., CBS Sports Network