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2014 Mountain West Tournament: Halftime Score - Boise State 46, San Jose State 14

LAS VEGAS – Well, it is pretty safe to say that there will be no comeback at the end of this game unless something truly miraculous happens.

Boise State has dominated every aspect of this game, leading the Spartans at halftime 46-14.  San Jose State did not score their first point (on a free throw) until 10:56 remaining left in the half.  The Spartans soon after, finally scored their first field goal of the game, reducing the Broncos' lead to 25-3.

The Broncos are currently shooting 62.1% from the field, with Marks leading the way with 13 points. Igor Hadziomerovic and Ryan Watkins both have eight points, while Anthony Drmic shockingly has zero points in 15 minutes.

Rashad Muhammad leads the Spartans with four points in front of his hometown, shooting 40% while the team as a whole is only shooting 14.8%.

Expect Boise State to not let up after the way they poorly finished the regular season.  The Wolf Pack should be very concerned if this same Boise State team shows up tomorrow night.

As always, keep reading Mountain West Connection for continuous updates of the Mountain West Tournament.