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2014 Mountain West Tournament: Halftime Update - Utah State 31, Colorado State 31

LAS VEGAS – This game so far can be characterized by runs.

Utah State opened the game up with a dominating performance, leading by 10 points with 9:45 left in the half.  From there it was nearly all Colorado State, as the Rams went on a 17-7 run to finish the half.

The real game changer came with Utah State's Jarred Shaw accumulating his second personal foul.  As soon as Shaw was benched, Jon Octeus and Dwight Smith took over on offense for the Rams.  It seemed that the Aggies were afraid to be physical with the Rams after their center went out.

Kyle Davis and Preston Medlin currently lead the Aggies with six points, while Shaw and Spencer Butterfield have five points each.  For the Rams, Smith currently has 13 points and four rebounds along with Octeus who has eight points and six rebounds.

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