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Making The Rounds: UNLV's Offensive Line, Donnell Alexander Gets His Chance

Offensive line working on keeping its promise to keep Nick Sherry off his back - Las Vegas Sun News
UNLV’s improvement this season depends on a lot of things, not the least of which is freshman quarterback Nick Sherry getting better as the year goes on. There are a lot of ways that can happen, but it probably needs to start with him staying upright more than he did in Saturday’s 30-27 triple-overtime loss to Minnesota.

Air Force should probably expect to face a focused Michigan team - Colorado Springs Gazette
Air Force tight end Nate Dreslinski is from Michigan, says he knows some people on the Michigan football team, and has a pretty good idea what the Wolverines’ demeanor will be on Saturday afternoon.

Donnell Alexander next up as CSU Rams cover for injured Chris Nwoke -- Field House Blog
With Chris Nwoke out with an injury it will be time for Donnell Alexander to get a chance to step up.

Air Force might scare Michigan | Colorado Springs Gazette

Aztecs stretch outside the box as they search for a dependable kicker |
San Diego State is really searching for a new kicker.

SDSU's defense needs to start out sharper against Army this week |
Defense will need to try to stop Army's triple option attack.

How We Go: Improvement should be the goal for Oregon's offense against Fresno State - Addicted To Quack
Oregon should score plenty of points against Fresno State, but can they continue to improve in the process.e