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Getting To Know The Toledo Rockets From The Hustle Belt

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To get to know the Toledo Rockets better, I reached out to SB Nation's Hustle Belt blog that covers everything on the MAC. They were kind enough to answer the most pressing questions that we had about Toledo for when they take on the Wyoming Cowboys on Saturday afternoon.

1. Toledo's pass defense struggled a lot against Arizona, with Wyoming having a good quarterback in Brett Smith what adjustments will Toledo be making this week to shore up their secondary.

Probably not many adjustments, but they need to tackle better. Coach Matt Campbell said this week he counted almost 200 yards allowed just after missed tackles. The last time they gave up that many total yards in a game, Western Michigan scored 63 points on them but fortunately Toledo scored 66. At some point they need to stop being wild and wrap up the ball carrier.

2. What is the plan with Toledo playing Terrance Owens and Austin Dantin both playing quarterbacks, will that happen again with Wyoming.

It looks like they're going to stick with that, as unpopular as it's starting to get. Dantin started and finished the Arizona game, and that didn't work out great. But Owens hasn't been much better. Smart money is on the younger Owens assuming the starting role eventually, but I kind of like defenses having to prepare for both. Dantin is more of an intermediate accurate passer and scrambler, while Owens is left-handed and can burn you with the deep ball.

3. What are Toledo's strengths offensively, and defensively.

Offensively they call smart plays. All those points scored in the last two years ... that can be attributed a lot to Campbell, who was their offensive coordinator before becoming head coach over the offseason. Plus, wide receiver Bernard Reedy is a great playmaker. Defensively, well, so far they haven't shown much but I still like their linebackers. Dan Molls and Robert Bell are pretty good, and T.J. Fatinikun is a threat on the left end.

4. This question is always asked when teams come into Wyoming, but do you think the elevation will have an affect for the Toledo players.

I'm sure it'll play a factor, especially if they're passing a lot. Maybe they should hold practice on the roof of Toledo's tallest building. They did just play a game in Tucson which isn't as high as Wyoming but much higher than the swampland of Ohio so I'm sure they have an idea of what the ball will do.

5. What does Toledo have to do well at if they are going to win against Wyoming on Saturday.

No question, tackle better. They can improve in many elements, offense, blocking, special teams, but they need to wrap up and if they do that, the rest will fall into place.

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