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Wyoming Schedules Home-And-Home With Eastern Michigan, Northern Illinois

The Wyoming Cowboys made some scheduling news on Wednesday as they scheduled a home-and-home series between a pair of MAC schools in Eastern Michigan and Northern Illinois. Both games will be for the 2015 and 2016 seasons.

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In 2015 Wyoming will host Eastern Michigan on Sept. 15, and then hit the road to take on Northern Illinois. Then in 2016 the games will be reversed with Wyoming traveling to take on Eastern Michigan on Sept. 3, and then Northern Illinois completes the series by traveling to Wyoming on Sept. 24.

This is the latest addition of non-conference opponents that Wyoming has wrangled up, earlier in August Wyoming and Michigan State made a deal to play a one-time game in East Lansing. That deal became official when the two MAC games were announced.

With Utah State moving to the Mountain West in 2013, Wyoming had to make a move to add another non-conference opponents in 2015 and 2016, and that is where the MAC schools became involved.

Getting MAC schools on the schedule is a good move as it provides opponents who are on the same level as Wyoming, and are not going to be guaranteed wins as opposed to scheduling some random FCS team to come into town.

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