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College Football Rankings: Jeff Sagarin Places Boise State Fifth

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Jeff Sagarin's computer rating after Week 1 are available over at USA Today, and this particular formula -- the ELO-CHESS systemis -- is used to determine the BCS. This is Sagarin's formula that does not include margin of victory and there for less accurate then the one he has to send into the BCS.

Seeing the LSU Tigers, Oregon Ducks and Alabama Crimson Tide all in the top five are not a surprise, but seeing the Boise St. Broncos and TCU Horned Frogs in there shocking. Boise State is No. 5 while TCU is No. 2. Michigan State who beat Boise State is well below at No. 12 and TCU has yet to play a game. With limited data there is expected to be some wackiness in these early season computer ratings:

Here is Sagarin's top 30:

1 Alabama



4 Oregon

5 Boise State

6 Oklahoma

7 Stanford


9 Texas A&M

10 Wisconsin

11 South Carolina

12 Michigan State

13 Virginia Tech

14 Arkansas

15 Florida

16 Texas

17 Nebraska

18 Michigan

19 Ohio State

20 Auburn

21 Oklahoma State

22 Cincinnati

23 Notre Dame

24 Clemson

25 West Virginia

26 Georgia

27 Iowa

28 Florida State

29 Missouri

30 Miami

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