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College Football Rankings: Alabama Takes Top Spot In Latest SB Nation BlogPoll


Here is our weekly SB Nation BlogPoll draft after the Week 1 games with the exception of the Georgia Tech vs. Virginia Tech game which is going on right now. Our final poll will adjust accordingly depending on Monday night's results.

As always feel free to criticize, critique, shred or agree 100 percent with the poll. Chris developed a formula for the poll and I will let him explain that in the comments section.

As for myself I lean to strength of schedule which is why I dropped Utah, Kansas State out of the polls, and then dropped Wisconsin as well as Florida State but I gave a big bump to Michigan State. Also, Boise State is ranked in my part of the poll. Losing to a ranked team does not mean you should tumble out of the polls or even down a few spots.

I debated putting Michigan State No. 2 as they were the only other team outside of Alabama to defeat a ranked team, but I do need to use some common sense when ranking teams.

Nevada has a strong showing in this poll after their win over Cal, and that is because they looked good winning over a probable seven- or eight-win Cal team. Compared to what others did this weekend, and how well they played they earned a spot in our polls.

Here is how Chris and I voted this week:

As always place your comments below, and I am not sure why the delta is not showing. Here is our poll from last week to compare.

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