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Hawai'i Warriors: Looks like a repeat of the 1998 season

Warrior fans, actually back in 1998 they were the Rainbow Warriors, dwell on a time they wish they never witnessed. A 0-12 season with two shut out losses. Now 14 years later it almost parallels to a similar feeling. Embarrassment. That is what the Warriors looked like last night when they took on a re-energized offense and stout defense in the BYU Cougars.

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With 49-10, 69-24, and now 47-0 losses in the bag, Hawai'i fans can now understand that Coach Chow can only coach so much. His staff can only prepare them so much. The players can only do so much. So it shouldn't be about blaming Coach Chow or his Warriors. The cards were dealt and there's nothing more Hawai'i can do about it at this point in the season. Coach Chow praises them every game for not quitting during all 60 minutes as he should. They are giving their all even though they are not as talented as their foes. But that is the problem. Talent. That is why I bring up the 1998 season and this season. Never mind the changes in the offense and defense. The talent is not there for any offense or defense.

We need to realize that Hawai'i recruiting talent has dropped significantly after June Jones left for SMU. Jones' successor Greg McMackin tried to ride the last wave of talent from the remarkable 2007 Sugar Bowl season Hawai'i had. After that, it was all downhill and local talents like a Manti Te'o decided to go elsewhere. Hawai'i coaches made little efforts to keep the talented local kids at home just because they "heard" a top school on the mainland flew them in for a visit.

Well not Norm Chow. He will go to every high school in Hawai'i and on the west coast to find the best talent. I'm sure because of his name and resume he will get more three-stars, some four-stars, and maybe a five-star recruit just to consider to come to Hawai'i. If his name is not good enough his pro-style offense will entice them and help them a better shot at the NFL one day.

Now I will also go back to the 1998 season to remind folks that after the 0-12 debacle they had the greatest turnaround season in NCAA history at the time going 9-4 and winning a bowl game in 1999. That was done with a coaching change but it was also done with a cultural change. A new "H" logo was created. They changed their name to just Warriors. A new offense Hawai'i fans were not familar with emerged. It brought a spark back in Hawai'i and I believe with Coach Chow getting his recruits in and all the starting players coming back from this year, we can see 2012 as 1998 and hope to see 2013 as 1999.

So my mid season prediction has the Warriors winning two more games for the rest of this season and I will not mention which teams because to don't want to botch them in any way.

I will continue to watch and support the Warriors at every game in hopes that OUR TIME WILL COME. OUR TIME WILL COME.

Warriors Football Schedule

@ USC Sat 09/01 L 10 - 49
Lamar Sat 09/15 W 54 - 2
Nevada Sat 09/22 L 24 - 69
@ BYU Fri 09/28 L 0 - 47
@ San Diego St. Sat 10/06 5:00 PM PDT
New Mexico Sat 10/13 8:59 PM PDT
@ Colorado St. Sat 10/27 4:00 PM PDT
@ Fresno St. Sat 11/03 4:00 PM PDT
Boise St. Sat 11/10 4:00 PM PST
@ Air Force Fri 11/16 6:30 PM PST
UNLV Sat 11/24 8:00 PM PST
South Alabama Sat 12/01 8:00 PM PST