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BYU vs. Hawaii: A Q&A with Academically Ineligible

Our very own Brandon Tamas answered a few questions regarding the Hawaii vs. BYU game this Friday over at Academically Ineligible. The questions that were asked were what to be expected as describe the team this team on offense and defense, in addition who the play makers are, so check the site for those answers.

The one question I will highlight is the question that was asked about how the Hawaii community has taken to Norm Chow:

Academically Ineligible: How have the players and the community embraced Norm Chow as the head coach on the Islands?

Brandon Tamas: The players have bought into Coach Chow's philosophy to play hard every down till the last whistle. He doesn't want to see any players going half speed no matter what the score is. A few plays from the Nevada game had some players not going full speed and that might lead to some changes in the starting rotation for both the offense and defense. Everything he says is a "game time decision" even with the reinstated punter for our team Alex Dunnachie who served a four game suspension for a DUI charge over the summer and we really need him if Hawaii cannot move the ball on offense.

As far as the Hawaii community, it may seem small to the mainlanders but Hawaii football is king in all sports statewide. No matter whom the coach was, we were going to embrace him with open arms and support him 100%. We don't expect much this year from him because it will take time for the players to understand and execute the pro-style offense. Once he gets his recruits here we should expect more from Coach Chow.

Make sure to head over to Academically Ineligible for more on this game, as well as the rest of the Q&A.