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VIDEO: Norm Chow Looks Back At Nevada, Looks Forward To BYU

At the Hawaii Warriors weekly press conference for Norm Chow, he briefly discussed how they struggled against Nevada where they lost 69-24. He talked about the difficult turn around time for a road game on Friday night against the BYU Cougars.

They had a practice on Sunday, which he said they never do, and went hard on practice on Tuesday to get ready for their long trip out to Provo, Utah. Chow also briefly touched on how great the BYU defense is and that their zone coverage can cause confusion if they are not ready. His offense must be on their best game if they want to pull off the upset.

Chow also shrugged off the return to BYU since this is his fourth time heading back to the place where he made his name as an amazing offensive coordinator.

The main thing at the end of the press conference was that his team is a young team, and mistakes will happen. However, this game against BYU the offense can not afford to play young if they want to move the ball and score some points against BYU.