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Making The Rounds: Reaction To Boise State Defeating BYU

Otto Kitsinger III - Getty Images

Boise State staves off BYU 7-6 - One Bronco Nation Under God
Our offense still has a lot of work. It was definitely a step back tonight. Southwick finished 15/25 for 145 yards but seemed 0 for everything in important situations. D.J. Harper looked good in spurts, but the offensive line got beat again this week in the trenches. It was pathetic that Boise State only got 7 points on 5 turnovers, especially the goal line stand by BYU after the fumble on the goal line.

Game Balls vs. BYU - One Bronco Nation Under God
Michael Atkinson made a huge impact on this game. He was in the backfield all night getting after Riley Nelson and Co. When opportunity struck in the 3rd quarter, he caught a bullet of a pass and took off toward pay dirt. As Nelson was implanted into the ground Canadian Bacon high stepped into the endzone for the first fat guy touchdown we've seen in way too long. The 35 yard interception return would've made him our second leading receiver on the night if he was playing offense.

Boise State 7 BYU 6: Offense Betrays Defense In Loss - Vanquish The Foe
After finally scoring a touchdown with 3:37 left and Taysom Hill running the show, BYU decided to go for two. Brock Stringham was blown up by Mike Atkinson, forcing Hill to run immediately after the snap. Because Hill had to take off, he missed seeing a wide-open Kaneakua Friel open in the endzone. After rolling right, Hill's pass was batted down, and Boise ran out the clock for the win.

Then there is this, the loan touchdown for Boise State:


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