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Colorado State Injury Report: Secondary Will Be Depleted For Saturday

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The Colorado St. Rams only have a few injuries when they take on the Utah State Aggies on Saturday, however the big injuries are coming from the secondary. The injuries in their secondary begin with cornerback Bernard Blake who will be questionable as he has a hamstring injury, and then there is Momo Thomas who is doubtful with shoulder issues.

Colorado State will also need a new punt returner if Thomas can't go, and there are four likely replacements in Joe Hansley, Lee Clubb, Thomas Coffman or Jasen Oden.

Then there is defensive end John Froland who is not 100 percent as he has been hampered with a pesky neck stinger. The plan for Froland is that he could see some time on passing downs against Utah State.

However, the the big injury related news is the likely return of starting running back Chris Nwoke. Getting Nwoke back would be a huge boost, and he is very much needed since Utah State's defensive front seven is very good. The Aggies were able to contain Utah's John White IV to just 96 yards and a 3.6 yard per carry average.

They also were able to slow down Wisconsin's Montee Ball by stonewalling their offensive line. Ball did get 137 yards, but it took 37 carries to reach that number.

Backup running back Donnell Alexander who has been filling in for Nwoke has an ankle injury that could have him miss Saturday's game. This could be a bid deal is Nwoke is not fully ready to go out there and take on the bulk of the carries.

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