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Week 4 College Football Betting Lines: Knowing When To Start

It's a well evidenced opinion that everyone has gambled at some point in their life. Whether it's money, lunch, soda, decisions; we all place a bet on some thing. How do we know when to start betting? It's much more than just dumb luck, unless you believe in that kind of thing. Normally the betting starts when an individual feels well informed. I have two examples, one more serious than the other: a scientist who's on a ground breaking discovery, knowing what rewards and consequences it could have on others and himself. The other, college football fans who study the damn sport so much that they can confidently make predictions.

Sometimes, the fan is right, sometimes he's wrong (why do you think I suggest betting so little!).

Last Week: 7-2

Overall: 16-11

Lines After the Jump's note: all spreads are coming from Odds Shark . Please also note that the the favored team will have the spread points. All times are in Pacific Standard Time.

9/20/2012, 6:00 PM BYU at Boise State (opening -5.5), O/U-48.5 -- Come for the noise, stay for the game. BYU wasn't ready for the noise last weekend in a game they should have easily won. This week's game, is much more difficult. Normally when you hear both of these teams, you think high flying offense; however both of these defenses will take over the match.

Week 4 college football picks

My Pick - Boise State to cover - Thank you Riley Nelson for assuring Bronco fans that they will be louder than The Muss. You will lose by at least 10. Please bet a Rolling Rock, because hell, it's close enough to water anyway...

9/22/2012, 2:00 PM Wyoming (-1.5) at Idaho, O/U-47 -- As of right now, the odds have flipped, and Idaho is favored by 2.5. YOU SEE BRETT SMITH, WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU'RE NOT PLAYING? WYOMING IS THE UNDERDOG VERSUS IDAHO. Once again, this is Idaho, the team who lost by 17 to Eastern Washington, and score 3 points in that game. You better have an answer.

My Pick - Wyoming covers the opening bet - I feel like this is a bet I'm going to regret, even though it's not a stupid upset pick. Bet a box of Kleenex, because this game no matter who wins, will be sad.

9/22/2012, 4:00 PM Utah State (-14) at Colorado State, O/U-53 -- Remember last season when Boise put a 'fitty spot' on the Rams? Look for something similar.

My Pick - Utah State - Colorado State will get no mercy from the Fightin' Chuckie Keetons. Bet a twelve pack Red Bull, because Utah State's offense will have wings.

9/22/2012, 5:00 PM Fresno State at Tulsa (-5.5), O/U-69.5 -- Really, Vegas? What game were you watching last week? I know Colorado sucks, but Fresno State showed mercy and still scored 69 on them. Tulsa hasn't beaten anybody and gave up 38 points to Iowa State in a loss. Advantage: Bulldogs.

My Pick - Fresno State - We know Colorado is terrible, but Iowa State isn't necessarily "good." Enjoy that favorite point spread Tulsa, it won't help. Bet an Amazon download of "Gagnam Style," because that's exactly what the Bulldogs are going to do to Tulsa.

9/22/2012, 5:00 PM San Jose State at San Diego State (-3.5), O/U-54 -- Once again, I think this site might see San Jose State more of a threat against teams than most of the nation. It definitely shows when the spread is in the Aztecs' favor. This is an Aztec team, who have had two poor showings in three games, and only have one loss to show for it. San Jose State, on the other hand, nearly knocked off Stanford, who beat USC.

My Pick - Spartans cover, if not win - Maybe I'm overrating the Spartans here, but I sincerely think they're good. Bet a couple of tacos from that really good taco shop next to the gas station on SDSU's campus, because that's the only win any Aztec is going to get on Saturday.

9/22/2012, 5:00 PM New Mexico at New Mexico State (-8.5), O/U-57 -- Ouch. This is one of the larger point spreads of this post, and it's coming from NEW MEXICO STATE. Footbaw Bawb is not a gambler, and it's a good thing in terms of the spread. However, he may want to start using B.R. Holbrook more if he want's a chance to win this game.

My Pick - NMSU covers - I'm not going to risk it. People thought that last weeks spread against TTU was too big against UNM, I still predicted the Raiders to cover. I was right then, and hopefully I'm right now. Bet a ghost pepper, you know why.

9/22/2012, 7:00 PM Air Force (-14) at UNLV, O/U-57 -- Four straight home games UNLV? Let's go ahead and say four straight losses.

My Pick - Air Force covers - I'm cruel and heartless when it comes to predicting UNLV against the spread. Though I would love to see Sherry and Co. keep this game close...again.

9/22/2012, 7:30 PM Nevada (-10.5) at Hawaii, O/U-62 -- Don't let the spread fool you, it has actually gone down to -8 for Nevada. While this sounds about right, I have a hard time seeing Nevada win on the Islands, especially with the atrocious defense Nevada has. Seriously, you lost to USF, and let NW State stay competitive the whole game. You can not use the excuse that USF plays in the Big East and are decent, they lost to RUTGERS. Nope, the odds are not in your favor, Nevada, not in my eyes.

My Pick - Hawaii beats the spread, and probably wins - In what I like to call my Stupid Pick of the Week, Hawaii will win this game in the most random way possible. Bet some Macadamia Nuts, because hey, at least they make a good souvenir.

Agree? Disagree? Leave your opinions in the comments!