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What We Learned From Mountain West Football Week 1


The first week of the football season is in the books, and here is a very quick reaction about each game from this week with top players defining moments

Minnesota 30 -- UNLV 27 (3OT): UNLV is improved with Tim Cornett running the ball, and he should help them stay in games, however their offensive line needs a lot of work. They allowed Nick Sherry to be sacked twice and were not giving him time to throw the ball.

Michigan State 17 -- Boise State 13: Joe Southwick is going to be a good quarterback, he had a slow start but rebounded to play well against Michigan State. Something must be done about the running game, D.J. Harper was not getting the job done. The pass defense is better than expected, particularly when considering how poorly they played last year.

Texas 37 -- Wyoming 17: The Cowboys have the same issue as Boise State with a questionable running game as Brandon Miller is not getting the job done. The bright spot was wide receiver Robert Herron who caught five receptions for 173 yards and two scores.

Air Force 49 -- Idaho State 21: So much for that three-way tie for the running back spot. Cody Getz won the job by rushing for a career-high 218 yards and three touchdowns.

Colorado State 22 -- Colorado 17: The rush defense look very good by only allowing 58 yards, but again this is Colorado we are talking about. The running game is more of a strength then we thought. Chris Nwoke played well until he left the game with an injury, and freshman Donnell Alexander came in and ran over the Colorado defense.

New Mexico 66 -- Southern 21: Backup quarterback Cole Gautsche threw for 13 yards, but he rushed for 88 yards and two touchdowns.

Nevada 31 -- Cal 24: Is Cody Fajardo better than Colin Kaepernick as a sophomore? Maybe, Fajardo completed 25-of-32 passes for 230 yards, and rushed for another 97 yards and a touchdown.

Fresno State 37 -- Weber State 10: Freshman wide receiver Davante Adams played well by catching seven passes dor 118 yards. Just another weapon they have.

USC 49 -- Hawaii 10: Norm Chow said they did not give up, and if that is the best thing that could be said then the game was not a good one. When Hawaii went up against USC backups they were able to move the ball.

Washington 21 -- San Diego State 19: Rocky Long decided to punt in this game, go for it late when down nine was a stupid decision especially since they got zero points. Bright spot is rushing game will be ok after losing Ronnie Hillman.

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