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Fresno State Suspends Six Players Prior To Their Win Over Weber State

The Fresno St. Bulldogs has suspended six players for various violations. Prior to their 37-10 win over Weber State there were six Fresno State players who were suspended. However, missing those players was not a big deal in the easy victory, and

The players that were suspended are wide receivers Rashad Evans, Victor Dean and A.J. Johnson, and then on defense they lost Davon Dunn, Terrance Dennis and Ibe Nduke. Evans and Dean will just miss one game as well, but Johnson will miss the entire season. While Dennis is out four games.

These players were ruled out due to a combination of violating team and NCAA rules. The big loses are on the defensive side of the ball since they are missing a pair of defensive backs for four games in the case of Dennis while Dunn is out indefinitely. Depth at that position could be an issue and something to keep an eye on as the season progresses.

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