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SB Nation BlogPoll Week 3 Draft: Alabama, Oregon, LSU Remain At The Top

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Our latest SB Nation BlogPoll draft is up and the top three teams are the same with Alabama, Oregon and LSU still holding down the fort. Florida State makes a big jump as in my half of the bracket I put them back in the top 25 as the easily defeated Wake Forest -- their first FBS win of the year.

USC is a bit lower than thought due Chris' formula which has the Trojans just on the outside looking in (formula will be posted later today). That also explains why Texas Tech and Northwestern are ranked.

Other teams that make a big jump are Texas and Notre Dame after their wins this past week, as does Stanford since they got past USC. In my voting philosophy, if teams play a ranked team I may not drop a team low, or at all, so the reason for the drop in Michigan State is also due to Chris' formula (really not trying to throw him under the bus).

Here is the ballot, and if there are any errors, let us know and we can address before the final ballot is due.

Here is our individual ballots fro the Week 3 BlogPoll