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100 Reasons To Love College Football, Well Kind Of

The first kick is about four hours away and over at SB Nation Bill Connelly put together 100 reasons to love about college football, and there were some shout out to Mountain West teams. This list includes games, coaches, personalities and basically everything about college football.

2. Boise State at Michigan State (August 31). Because this is the rare opportunity to unwrap a brand new Boise State offense, complete with new features and, potentially, kinks. It's like Christmas.

11. Nevada at California (September 1). Because you should know Nevada quarterback Cody Fajardo's name, and because California's renovated stadium is gorgeous. Watch if just for the panoramic shots.

12. San Diego State at Washington (September 1). Because quarterback Keith Price has a new offensive coordinator, and this could be pretty fun.

41. Navy at Air Force (October 6). Because Flexbone Flexbone Flexbone Flexbone Flexbone Flexbone Flexbone.

89. Boise State at Nevada (December 1). Because the last time they played, the Tessitore Effect was born.

95. San Diego State might not punt much. Rocky Long has been listening to the nerds.

96. Tonight's Tweets. Around the time ESPN's 7:00 p.m. ET telecast of South Carolina at Vanderbilt begins tonight, your Twitter feed will be awash with "FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!" posts. And you will enjoy it. And you will probably post it yourself.

97. Twitter in general. It is the world's biggest sports bar, and for all of its faults (basically anything with the words "breaking news" involved), it has enhanced the college football experience.

Get ready for some sweet, sweet college football tonight and have a glorious weekend gorging oneself in the best sport around. There are many more on that list so go check it out.

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