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NCAA Suspends A Pair Of New Mexico Defensive Lineman

The New Mexico Lobos lost another pair of players this week as defensive lineman Rod Davis and Fatu Ulale will miss games due to violating NCAA rules. Davis will miss two games while Ulale will miss four games, and the exact NCAA rules that they broke have not been disclosed.

The only reasoning known is that the two players received impermissible benefits, and that can range from getting a meal from a coach, taking money for a flight or a thousand other things since the NCAA rule back is huge.

Davis can return to the lineup on Sept. 15 against the Texas Tech Red Raiders while Ulale will be out until the Boise State game on Sept. 29. Both players were backups and neither were expected to make a big impact on the year, but New Mexico does not have the talent to have players miss games regardless of where they were on the depth chart.

Davis and Ulale join backup quarterback David Vega in being suspended from the New Mexico football team.

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