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New Mexico Quarterback David Vega Has Been Suspended Indefinitely

The New Mexico Lobos can not catch a break, the latest bad -- self inflecting -- news is that walk-on junior quarterback David Vega has been suspended indefinitely from the team for alleging trying to buy alcohol as a minor, as well as admitting to drinking alcohol and he was arrested for the incident on Sunday. This is the second time that Vega had been suspended from the team, and he has only been a Lobo since the spring.

What made matter worse about the arrest is that of the four who were involved, Vega was a hold out in willingly providing the police identification.

Head coach Bob Davie initially said that Vega was off the team, but had second thoughts and will let the legal system play out before he is allowed to rejoin the team ($):

After Tuesday's practice, coach Bob Davie said his first reaction was to dismiss Vega outright because the player did not inform Davie of his arrest and because Vega had been suspended earlier. Davie learned of the incident from KRQE-TV, which contacted UNM sports information.

"I said, ‘You're gone,' " Davie said of his initial conversation.

Later, Davie said, he and Vega talked again. Davie came away from the second conversation believing Vega might be innocent of the charges.

"I don't know that I would have suspended him immediately," Davie said, had it not been for Vega's previous suspension and his failure to come forward.

Davie said he will allow Vega a chance to prove his innocence, "but he won't be on this football team until he does. ... The rest is all up to him."

This just hurts the depth at the quarterback play for the Lobos, and with starter B.R. Holbrook suffering through chest pains and practicing on a limited basis makes this suspension move up freshman quarterback Cole Gautsche. Holbrook is cleared to be the starter on Saturday against Southern, so his health issues have gotten better.

Prior to the suspension, Davie had praised Vega for how well he was playing.

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