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Boise State Vs. Michigan State Matchup Is A Key Game In Determining BCS Title

Week 1 of the college football season is finally here (hallelujah!), and SB Nation's BCS guru, Samuel Chi, has put together his list of top 25 games that will have an impact toward who will win the BCS Championships. Out of those games there is one Mountain West game on the list and it comes in at No. 10:

10. Aug. 31, Boise State at Michigan State: One thing we've learned during the BCS era is that you never count out the Broncos. They might have to reload offensively, but if they get by this early tough road test (which they have handled with aplomb every year since '08), they have a chance to run the table again.

This seems way too high in my opinion, because Boise State does not have the team to go undefeated, and even if they did they would not reach the No. 2 spot. I guess that pick is more towards Michigan State since they are ranked No. 13 in the preseason coaches poll, and big time respect is given to Boise State due to their past success.

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