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Three Mountain West Games On Pac-12 Network This Weekend, Hope You Have The Right Carrier

This sounds a lot like an issue with the Mtn. (RIP), but in their defense it was fairly simple to know if you got the channel. One could get it through DirecTV or check with Comcast. With the Pac-12 Networks there are multiple carriers and none are offering the Pac-12 Network(s) the same way through out the country. This is an issue for Mountain West fans who want to watch their teams play on the Pac-12 Network opening weekend.

There are two -- three if we count the San Jose St. Spartans -- football games this weekend that are against Pac-12 opponents and are on the new Pac-12 Network. There is Nevada traveling to Cal, San Diego State taking on Washington and San Jose State playing Stanford. All three are scheduled to be on the Pac-12 National Network.

However, there is still a lot of confusion for those who have Comcast (surprise!) on if they get the network. The only out of market cities that have the Pac-12 Network on Comcast are Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Boston, Atlanta and Tampa. However, those cities only get the channel in standard definition, and in my mind basically useless and unwatchable.

So, unless you live in those cities or in the the footprint you are out of luck this weekend to watch those games if you have Comcast.

As of now Comcast, Cox, Bright House and Time Warner carrier at least the Pac-12 National Network, and their local regional network if one lives relatively close to the market area. I am not familiar with every carrier, but as for issues with Comcast they have been talked about the most.

Folks who live in San Jose and have Comcast should have no issue seeing the game, but for those in Reno who want to watch their game against Cal and have Comcast they are out of luck. Those in San Diego who want to see the Washington game can do so with Time Warner Cable.

DirecTV is the only hope to be able to get these games this weekend. The reports on what, how or when the Pac-12 Network(s) will be on DirecTV are all over the board.

There have been reports that it will be a subscription based model like Fox Soccer or that only the national network will be available with no regionals even within the conference footprint. Also, there is no word on if there will be a deal reached by this weekend between DirecTV and the Pac-12, or if there is a deal on what package the channel will be on.

Basically if you have Cox, Comcast, Bright House or Time Warner Cable go check your local listings if you get the channel, and if you have DirecTV just wait and hope something gets done by this weekend. As for Dish Network folks, sorry you are out of luck as no talks are taking place to carry the Pac-12 Network

SB Nation's Pacific Takes blog has everyone covered on how the DirecTV deal is going as well as Comcast information, so check out their site for more information.

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