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Countdown to Opening Day: Remembering 10 Great MW Football Moments - 4. 2009 New Mexico Bowl

There are now 10 days left until the beginning of college football. To celebrate this auspicious and great sport I have compiled 10 great moments in MW football history. The rankings aren't necessarily top to bottom, and there are always room for opinions.

Who said there are too many bowl games? Probably all of us at one point. But less bowl games means less college football and who wants that? The 2009 New Mexico Bowl, while not highly viewed (only got a Nielsen rating of 2.78) was extremely entertaining and featured a 6-6 Wyoming versus an 8-4 Fresno State. Fresno State came into this game as 11-point favorites.

Fresno State should have learned their lesson the second time around: they won the chili cook-off. To that point in the history of the bowl, the team that won the cook-off lost the bowl. The second thing that they should have learned was, always guard Alvester Alexander. Midway through the first quarter, Alexander outshined the more talked about Ryan Matthews, with a 68-yard touchdown run.

Matthews responded with a 4-yard touchdown run himself, then the quarterbacks took over the game. Wyoming re-took the lead after a 21-yard touchdown pass from Austyn Carta-Samuels (or ACS) to Greg Bolling. Ryan Coburn responded with a touchdown pass of his own. Back and forth the game would go like this until Ryan Matthews fumbled the ball at the Wyoming 26 yard-line with 8:08 left in the game and the score being 28-25. Wyoming would then go on a 7 minute and 48 second drive, ending in a field goal to tie the game with 20 seconds left.

Overtime started, and the game went to DERPCON5. Fresno State would drive down to the 1 yard line and be stuffed on 4 straight downs. With the game seemingly in hand, ACS rushed the ball three times down the middle to the 20 yard-line. The hero who tied the game, Ian Watts, missed a "down the middle" field goal attempt. and the game went to a second overtime. The errors continued for Fresno as they got called for a pass interference penalty, which led to a Wyoming touchdown. The Bulldogs then went down on four downs to end the game. Wyoming won their first bowl game in five years.

Up Next: There are two frames of thinking as to why this next moment occured: one is that one team was definitively better than the other; the other is the usual fanbase thought out of this particular state.