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PODCAST: 2012 UNLV Football Preview

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GreekPadre and I discuss the UNLV Rebels and we are hopeful but are not optimistic that they can get many wins this year. The offensive line returns 55 starts and include a 2011 freshman All-American left tackle Brett Boyko, so the offensive line has experience but they still need to improve off of last year performance of protecting the quarterback.

We discuss the rushing attack that is led by Dionza Bradford and Tim Cornett who combined for just under 1,300 yards, but we failed to mention Bradley Randle who is expected to be the back up who rushed for 489 yards.

The real hope for UNLV is to pick up three wins, but do not get blown out against the better teams in the league. Staying competitive is the first step in improving, and if they do that then UNLV should be on the right track for a bowl game in 2013.

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