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Countdown to Opening Day: Remembering 10 Great MW Football Moments - 7. Colorado vs Colorado State, 2002

There are now 10 days left until the beginning of college football. To celebrate this auspicious and great sport I have compiled 10 great moments in MW football history. The rankings aren't necessarily top to bottom, and there are always room for opinions.

The Webster definition of rivalry is this:

a competitive or antagonistic state or condition

The Rocky Mountain Showdown has seen Colorado dominate the so-called rivalry for years. Yet like any great rivalry, no one will forget that one time, that one moment, when the underdogs prevailed in such a shocking manner.

Colorado started the season ranked No. 6 in the nation. The Buffaloes were declared to be "back" after a great 2001 campaign that saw them win the Big 12 after a thrilling 39-37 win over Texas. Even though they had been dominated by Oregon, in the Fiesta Bowl, hopes were high that the Buffaloes would be in business.

Enter Colorado State, who had finished up a 7-5 season the year before with a season ending win in the New Orleans bowl. Not ranked, but knowing what they were capable of, especially after beating a stingy Virginia team, the Rams set the stage for an extremely intense game.

Back and forth the game went, the defenses making all the plays because the score was so low. With 6:30 remaining in the 4th quarter and Colorado leading 14-13, CSU QB Bradlee Van Pelt sent an echoing message to the opposition who had dominated the rivalry by a score of 56-18-2:

enough said...

Next Up: This triangular rivalry has a trophy that stands at 2.5 ft and weighs 170 lbs. The last team who won this rivalry did it in thrilling fashion with an Overtime Win.