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Wyoming, New Mexico Games Against Texas Will Be Broadcast On Longhorn Network

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As expected the New Mexico Lobos and Wyoming Cowboys games will be broadcast on the limited available Longhorn Network when they each face the Texas Longhorns.

This was speculated back in May and officially announced on Wednesday. Also, what was announced was the game time for the Wyoming game which will be an evening game at 6 p.m. MT.

When teams schedule heavy weights such as Texas they usually do it for the huge pay day as well as the chance to boost recruiting by being shown on a prominent network. However, by being on the Longhorn Network it will be on less television sets than the Mtn. was.

The only legal ways to watch the Longhorn Network are through Verizon Fios which is available nationwide as well as a handful of cities in Texas on Grande Communications. There will likely be some sports bars that could show the game, but not sure how many have Verizon Fios over DirecTV since they usually pick the latter due to NFL Sunday Ticket.

Too bad the Wyoming is on this limited available network, because in my opinion Wyoming has an outside shot of pulling off the upset.

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