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UNLV Names Nick Sherry As Starting Quarterback

A starting quarterback has been named for the UNLV Rebels and it will be redshirt freshman Nick Sherry who has unseated Caleb Herring who started eight games in 2011, and listed third is senior Sean Riley. Head coach Bobby Hauck believes in Sherry's potential, and that is why he is listed as the team's starting quarterback:

"He keeps improving. He has a big arm," Hauck said. "He has improved his understanding of what it will take to get the job done. We feel he gives us a chance to be competitive against Minnesota. He has a tremendous upside. Let's hope some of that potential gets realized soon."

That maybe the case, but UNLV is desperate for a quality quarterback who can possibly lead the team out of the bottom of the Mountain West and to at least this year into a competitve team.

Starting a redshirt freshman is a risk but Hauck must take this risk if he wants to hang around as UNLV's head coach for much longer, and Herring has had two years of starts to show he is the man for the job and he clearly is not.

Sherry originally signed with the Colorado Buffaloes but he then transferred to UNLV after the 2010 season, and used 2011 to redshirt as he sat out that year. He also feels that he has the big arm to make defense respect the long ball:

"I'm going to take chances. I'm going to throw the deep ball," he said. "I'm going to throw the ball down the field. I'm going to extend the defense and make them respect the deep ball and respect the deep routes."

For fans of UNLV lets hope that Sherry can at least keep UNLV competitve in more games, and possibly even steal a few victories.

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