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Conference Expansion: Boise State Set To Join Big West For Non-Football Sports

The national prolonged nightmare of where Boise State's non-football sports will land up, and it looks like it is all but official that the Big West will be their destination for non-football sports. The Big West still needs to vote, but Boise State president Bob Kustra says that it is all but a formality at this point:

"No doubt as far as I'm concerned - (from) everything I've heard, every e-mail I've read, every conversation I've had," Kustra said.

"It's not done in terms of one final vote by the presidents themselves and the only reason that's not done is try to get 10 presidents together in middle August before school starts. Once school starts, there'll be a vote," Kustra said.

"In the meantime, there have been meetings with athletics directors, with faculty athletic representatives. I've been working closely with (Big West) Commissioner Dennis Farrell. Every indication we have is positive."

The Big East was a huge key for getting Boise State to the Big West for their non-football sports, and it came in the form of money. Kustra never came out and said that but he said they worked hand in hand with the Big East in making this move happen. The Big West was concerned about money, and I have no doubt that the Big East helped out financially to ease the concerns of the Big West which is a traditional bus league.

The wagons have circled and this is possibly, and hopefully, the last bit of expansion movement we see in a very long time. Also, I assume Leon Rice is not all too happy for his basketball team heading to the Big West.

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