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HELP WANTED: Looking For Football, Basketball, Recruiting, Non-Revenue Sports Writers

I realize that this is cutting it close for football season, but we are looking for writers for those interested in any team, but specifically we have a few teams that are open to cover.

The teams of need are UNLV, Hawaii, New Mexico and Wyoming. We have writers for others but anyone who is interested in any team is welcome to inquire, and I am open to having multiple people cover one team.

Another area of need is more basketball coverage as this site is more focused to football and that is more of my fault than those others who write here. Some people like football more than basketball and vice versa, and with the Mountain West being a strong basketball league that side of the website needs to improve.

Also, there is a need for more in depth recruiting. We do have the recruiting document and that is a start, but we lack a lot of updates on signings or visits. We are getting better, but with 10 football and nine basketball teams it is a big task to undertake. So, if you follow recruiting for a Mountain West team and want to write about the future of your program, then you would have a space to write about those prospects.

Also, another area that is welcomed is the non-revenue sports. So, if you like college baseball, volleyball, swimming, soccer, water polo, softball or whatever that is also a way to spout out about those non-revenue sports.

As for a reason to write for SB Nation, well the platform is one of the greatest out there and with over 300 blogs the network is well known and respected amongst the media industry. Also for the fan voice who is also great at providing insight on one team, sport or league. Our site gets some pretty solid numbers and have a great community of commenters. We have partnerships with places like Sports Illustrated, Yahoo and others for content distribution for a larger audience to make their way to read your stuff.

Also, I am not entirely picky on who comes on, but the only requirement is that you write fairly well from a grammar stand point. Do not need to be perfect with AP style but just can write pretty good and know about the topic at hand.

Also, I will need a writing sample as well.

If interested email me at