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PODCAST: 2012 Hawaii Football Preview, It Doesn't Look Good

In our latest podcast GreekPadre and I talk about the Hawaii Warriors and how their 2012 season is going to be a difficult one and feel that a bowl game will be a difficult task. With Norm Chow as the head coach, we say goodbye to the four and five wide receiver sets.

In exchange there will be some more I-formation sets, but do not expect there to be no passing game at all since this is Norm Chow and all. He ran a pass happy offense at BYU, coached three Heisman Trophy quarterbacks and helped mold Vince Young to be a good NFL quarterback. The passing game will be there for sure, and it will be with Sean Schroeder the Duke transfer who just won the job.

Be warned, we are still trying to figure this podcast thing out with two people talking and not in the same room, but soon enough (hopefully) we will be good.

You can listen to the show below the jump, over at TalkShoe or subscribe via iTunes.

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