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2012 Bowl Predictions: Phil Steele Has Boise State In Las Vegas Bowl

College football guru Phil Steele is releasing some of his magazine content online, but if you already have purchased the 2012 edition this will be old news. The latest information that Steele released is his 2012 bowl projections, and he has the Mountain West filling out all five bowl spots.

New Mexico Bowl, Dec. 15 (Mountain West No. 4 or 5 vs. Pac-12 No. 7)
Air Force Vs. Washington

Poinsettia Bowl, Dec. 20 (Mountain West No. 2 vs. BYU)
Nevada vs. BYU

Las Vegas Bowl, Dec. 22 (Mountain West No. 1 vs. Pac-12 No. 5)
Boise State vs. Utah

Hawai'i Bowl, Dec. 24 (Mountain West No. 5 vs. C-USA No. 2)
San Diego State vs. SMU

Armed Forces Bowl, Dec. 29 (Mountain West No. 4 or 5 vs. C-USA No. 3)
Fresno State vs. Houston

These bowl predictions tell us a few things, and first that Boise State is going to be the league champion and that Steele projects Boise State to lose to Michigan State, who he has in the Sugar Bowl. The Las Vegas Bowl matchup against Utah seems odd, because for one Steele projects Oregon State as the No. 4 spot who I don't think will be able to rebound after last year's debacle, and he has UCLA ahead of Utah which again seems unlikely.

My assumption is that Boise State will play UCLA or Oregon State and they will have a 6-6 record, assuming that the Pac-12 has two teams in a BCS bowl game with USC and Oregon.

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