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2013 Mountain West Football Recruiting Database

After a lot of work done by myself, GreekPardre but mostly to ROFLCOPTER16 who finished up the first draft of our recruiting database probably last week. After the jump is a google document of all of the 2013 Mountain West teams who have verbally committed to a Mountain West schools, and that includes Utah State and San Jose State since they will be part of the league in 2013, and conversely no Boise State or San Diego State players since they are on their way out.

The chart includes the players rankings, profiles from the major recruiting sites as well son to be profiles on these verbal recruits. The attempt is to update the page weekly and push it out each Monday, and any changes will be noted. There are already some adjustments needing to be made since Colorado State picked up a quarterback last night.

Here is a link to a better view of the chart, that is until I tweak the code to make it fit nice here on the site.