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Penn State Is Looking At Possibly Scheduling A Late Season Football Game At Hawai'i

With Penn State facing a four-year bowl ban, plus other program crippling sanctions they are looking to schedule a road game for a quasi-bowl game against Hawai'i. In the past teams on a bowl ban have not been able to schedule road games at the end of the year for those programs. USC was able to play at Hawai'i due to the game being scheduled before their sanctions.

For some reason, the sanctions against Penn State did not ban them from playing at Hawai'i and head coach Bill O'Brien is looking into the possibility of scheduling a road game way out West. The Hawai'i rule allows for teams to schedule a 13th game if they play at Hawai'i, but also if they wanted to Hawai'i can schedule 13 games every year if they wanted to.

Hawai'i is scheduled to play 12 games from 2012-15, and the rumor being thrown out there is for Penn State to play at Hawai'i on Dec. 8 which is the same weekend as the Army vs. Navy game. Since Penn State needs all the exposure they can get why not play at Hawaii for the next four years while on their bowl ban.

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