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PHOTO: Wyoming Gets New Camouflage Uniforms

It was just siting there just out in the open in the Wyoming Cowboys media guide, a new alternate uniform for Wyoming. Last year Wyoming brought out a few alternate uniforms for fans to vote on, and now their latest is a camouflage uniform. The uniforms were spotted by Jeremiah Johnke for the Wyoming Tribune and Laramie Boomerang posted a picture on his twitter account of the new uniform.

Thanks to Cowboy Altitude who fixed the picture to make it look much nicer:


The uniforms have just enough of a different look and are not too busy with the camouflage look on the shoulders and the small little bit on the thigh pads. The helmet is the really cool with matte brown and then glossy camouflage cowboy.

All of these new uniforms that Wyoming has had over the past few years are thanks to Nike partnering with the school, and I think Nike did a good job with this uniform.

There is no word on if this a uniform that will be in the rotation of Wyoming uniforms, or if it will be just a one time special uniform.

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