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2012 Mountain West Media Days: Craig Thompson's State Of Conference Address

Check out our Mountain West football media day section for all of our coverage on the event.

First of all, for a more humorous look at Craig Thompson's address, visit a prior post that was written by GreekPadre which was done through a series of tweets. Some topics have already been discussed in prior posts such as that the Mountain West and Conference USA is likely not going to happen, the league is staying at 10 teams and he said he would welcome either Boise State or San Diego State back in the league.

Near the beginning, Thompson mentions that the geography is better and that it takes teams about two hours to get between opponents with the exception of Hawaii. Umm... Mr. Thompson do you not remember the debacle of the San Diego State basketball team trying to get to Laramie, Wyo., which took over a day.

Thompson talked about wanting to get into Texas, but was unsuccessful in luring Texas State to the Mountain West who instead are heading to Conference USA. A disappointment that Thompson mentioned was not getting AQ status, but he did not mention the Mtn. which should be the biggest disappointment. As of now, their is a severe lack of television coverage for teams like New Mexico, Wyoming and Colorado State on a national level.

As for getting more games to be viewed, Thompson mentioned streaming games via internet, smart phones or tablets, but that is up to the television partners with CBS and NBC. Thompson also mentioned that there was no rush in getting television additional games on television, wow that makes me feel even less confident in his leadership.

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