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2012 Mountain West Media Days: Hawaii Warriors

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Norm Chow finally earned his long awaited head coaching job in his home state with the Hawaii Warriors. The offense that Hawaii ran in the past was a pure pass-happy four and five wide receiver sets, but Chow is bringing in a little more diversity.

There will be a tight end and a fullback at times, but for those who followed Chow's career he does want to pass the ball a lot, just not as much as prior Hawaii teams. Chow said that he wants the offense to be able to run the ball, and have a top notch defense to be able to compete with teams that run the ball.

Chow talked about the quarterback position between Sean Schroeder who just transferred from Duke, Jeremy Higgins and David Graves. Those three will battle for the starting job and Chow wants to find a starter very early in fall camp, so that there is solidarity.

Most of the press conference was about Chow's first time in being a head coach, and he had some anecdote about signing papers to get paper for the copy machine; so very exciting.

Video is after the jump, trying to save you all load time since there will be 10 of these posted today.

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