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2012 Mountain West Media Days: Fresno State Bulldogs

Check out our Mountain West football media day section for all of our coverage on the event.

One of the three new teams in the Mountain West is Fresno St. Bulldogs and they have a new head coach in Tim DeRuyter who took over for the mustached man himself, Pat Hill.

During the press conference for some reason DeRuyter decided to channel his inner Pat Hill:

"For us to be a part of this deal, our No. 1 goal is to win this league. We'll play anybody, anywhere, anytime, but our No. 1 goal is to win this league. It's going to be an extreme challenge to do that, but our guys excited to be in a league where every week is a challenge."

That was so cheesy but I guess he was playing to the crowd and keeping that mantra up that never resulted a win, but just a very close lose to USC and Reggie Bush years ago. As for them winning the league, sure why not, they have a great quarterback in Derek Carr, Robbie Rouse at running back and a solid receiving corp.

Video is after the jump, trying to save you all load time since there will be 10 of these posted today.

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