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2012 Mountain West Media Days: New Mexico Lobos

Check out our Mountain West football media day section for all of our coverage on the event.

The New Mexico Lobos roll out another new head coach in Bob Davie who is trying to come out and revive the laughing stock of a program over the past few seasons. The first thing I notice about Davie is how he needs to mix in some sun block, or stay out the tanning booth. But coach needs to do something about that face.

He lead off with a stupid joke at the podium:

"Following Boise State is like following Lou Holtz at Notre Dame. It's tough duty."

During our podcastI assumed there would be that stupid media laugh from a handful, and I was wrong and right. There was at least one person who laughed at that joke.

Davie talked about how the past does not necessarily predict the future and he mentioned how Boise State and TCU built their programs up to be national powers, and he wants to try to build up his program.

He also said that if his team can be better at the end of the season then New Mexico will be in the right direction:

"If we can be a better team Dec. 1 than we are Sept. 1, then we are off and running"

Overall, Davie is just looking to bring up the program, and he feels that he can do that.

Video is after the jump, trying to save you all load time since there will be 10 of these posted today.

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