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2012 Mountain West Media Days: Colorado State Rams

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New Colorado St. Rams head coach Jim McElwain begin out of the gate talking about how his teams needs to be responsible for their own well being to becoming a great football team. McElwain knows it will take time for him to get his team to the level to compete for championships, and that he knows that Colorado State is a sleeping giant.

He is correct because in the late 90s and early 2000s Colorado State was a force to be reckoned with. McElwain was asked specifically about the job and he said "why not" in taking the job and knows that they have been great under former legendary head coach Sonny Lubbick, and he wants to get back to that level.

Research money was mentioned by McElwain so he knows how prestigious the university is, and that is an interesting things to say. McElwain wants to get the football program up to the same level as the research side of the school.

A question was asked about a numbers game and winning games, and McElwain had a great response by saying that he wants to win the current play and move onto the next and not scoreboard watch in his game. However, McElwain is showing a lot of confidence and said he doesn't see why they can't win them all. That is all good and well by showing that confidence before a game has been played, but this is all coach speak and good fodder for the time being.

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