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2012 Mountain West Media Days: Craig Thompson Does Not Rule Out A Boise State Return

Going through Craig Thompson's state of the league address at Mountain West media days, and while he talked on various subjects but one particular item stood out. Thompson told reporters that he would consider Boise State returning to the Mountain West if the football-only deal in the Big East does not work out.

Well, duh!

There is no reason for Thompson to hold a grudge against Boise State if they need to find a new home if their Big East adventures fall flat. He should welcome them back with open arms if they need to join a new league. Thompson would likely have to give up on the stupid rule that Boise State can not wear blue uniforms on their home blue turf.

We all know too well how Boise State waited to the last minute to decide on their football fate since they are still not certain where their other sports will land since the WAC is essentially dead and the Big West may or may not be an option.

With those non-football sports still in limbo, there is still a very small chance that Boise State would need to house all of their sports in the Mountain West for the 2013 season. If somehow that comes up, Thompson should do what it takes to get Boise State back in the Mountain West.

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