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Conference Expansion: Craig Thompson Says Mountain West, Conference USA Merger 'Probably' Not Going To Happen

Craig Thompson gave his annual state of the conference address Wednesday morning in Las Vegas at Mountain West media days (there will be more on his speech later), and he spoke about conference expansion. Thompson mentioned that the merger between Conference USA is likely dead.

This should not come as a surprise to anyone, because setting a league with over 20 schools would be a difficult task with too many parts to work. Also, in my opinion the idea was just stupid to begin with, because leagues were trying to avoid further expansion and going for those grand plans. That is why the Big Ten and Pac-12 merger fell through.

For one I am glad that this full on merger is dead, but the two leagues should work together in scheduling non-conference games to play quality opponents. Also, getting the league champions together or a bowl game would be a good move as well.

The other expansion topic was regarding Idaho and New Mexico State who are still looking for a lifeline for their football programs, and Thompson said that the league is not going to add those two schools.

Plan B, well is try to get their former commissioner Karl Benson to find them a place in the Sun Belt, however that is also likely not going to happen.

Well, there is always the Big Sky who is looking to throw a lifeline, but just not for football.

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