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Nevada DB Duke Williams Takes To Twitter To Talk About Boise State

Trash talking on Twitter has been going on quite a bit this college football off season with the biggest being between Alabama and LSU talking about another rematch. Now there is Nevada Wolf Pack defensive back Duke Williams sharing his thoughts on the media's prediction of picking Boise State first.

He does have a point since Nevada beat Boise State back in 2010 and ruined their BCS chances. Plus, playing at Nevada is very difficult as says that Nevada has the fifth best home field advantage in all of college football.

Looking through his timeline there was some fans pointing out Nevada is 1-10 against Boise State, a goal post snarky remark or the classic to concentrate on one's own playbook.

However, Williams has a point that Boise State may not win the league since they are replacing a lot of starters or the fact that the media has only predicted the Mountain West champion correctly five times since 1999. That is just under a 40 percent prediction rate, so there is a good chance Boise State does not win the league in their final season.

This is all fun, and hopefully Chris Ault does not decide to ban Twitter like Jimbo Fisher did at Florida State.

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