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Uni-obsessed: Nevada gets a slight change on their helmet

Check this out:

That, my friends is the new change to the Nevada helmets. Wolfpack fans, do you see the difference? It's the silver stripe down the middle of the helmet. The stripe in previous years, only used to be given to the player who won the striker award: players who "displayed consistent dominant performance." This year, all players will don the silver stripe on the helmet.

Coach Ault has yet to release any information on what will be used for a striker award this year, though I have a multitude of suggestions...

  • A small, block "N," for a helmet sticker
  • A small state of Nevada
  • A lifesize sticker of Chris Ault (I'M SORRY, I CAN'T HELP MYSELF)
  • A sticker of the Fremont Cannon
  • A sticker of the Reno banner
  • And of course, for maximum trolling purposes: a sticker of field goal posts